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Are you interested in bringing your community together to achieve better health? Our Community Based Program (CBP) is designed to bring members of a neighborhood, town or city together in order to achieve the common goal of a healthier lifestyle. The program is designed to get people walking together and tracking the number of steps they take with the goal of accomplishing pre-set daily goals. Each participant is provided with a digital step pedometer, access to an on-line walking log and numerous other resources.

Each participant is expected to wear the small pedometer daily. It is worn on the waist like a beeper and counts steps taken throughout the day.
Checking the counter during the day provides instant feedback and motivation to keep moving. The total steps recorded daily are entered into a Log-Your-Walk online database (which we customize for your community and maintain for you). The database will chart and track the progress of each participant and provide data on total calories burned, daily and cumulative totals, and the progress of your entire community.

We will show you, step by step, how to implement, promote and spread this program throughout your community. You’ll be amazed at the sense of teamwork, community friendship and overall good faith that is fostered as a result of this program. We will also provide additional assistance such as working with you to bring local and regional media attention to your project and show you how to share your data with the scientific community. There is no better way for your group or community to gain notoriety than to become known as a leader in public health and fitness.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us that 64 percent of Americans are overweight and 31 percent of us are obese. The direct result is an enormous financial burden on your city or town. There is no more ambitious or valuable a project that a mayor, city manager or community group can undertake than an initiative to help the citizens of that community become more healthier. Obesity in our country is the direct result of increased poor eating habits and a lack of physical activity in our lives.

The average annual health care costs for the people in your community (and
nationwide) exceeds $3000 – lifetime costs per person are about $250,000.
Amazingly, according to the Journal of Occupational Medicine, almost 70 percent of these illnesses are avoidable. To combat these startling statistics, the Surgeon General recommends walking as an accessible fitness program and says “People who are usually inactive can improve their health and well-being by becoming even moderately active on a regular basis and physical activity need not be strenuous to achieve health benefits.”
People who walk at least three hours a week have a 40% lower risk of heart attack and those who walk at a brisk pace lower their risk of cardiovascular disease by 54%. Sedentary people take as few as 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day and even those who feel they are active are often surprised by their low daily total. A healthy target goal is 10,000 steps a day (about 4 miles).

It has taken 40 years for the public to accept health messages about smoking. Inactivity is as harmful to health as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking. Even a small increase in physical activity will enhance public health and reduce health care expenditures in your community.
Let’s not wait another 40 years to make the necessary changes that will encourage physical activity in your community.

You need to take the first step! It’s easy with our help. We can show you how to involve local media and businesses. It’s inexpensive and there is financial support available through the NCHA. We will work directly with you to customize a program that will have the maximum reach and effectiveness in your area. Call or email us today and let us show you how to become a healthy and walking oriented community.

EMAIL: info@forahealthyamerica.org           CALL: 1-877-843-2358